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2018 CFPA Camp

The 2018 CFPA summer camp was a huge success this year which brought our families together for a weekend of fun out in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. This year campers participated in activities including an obstacle course, various sports activities, paddle boats/canoeing, billiards, air hockey, basketball a movie night, indoor/outdoor games, and campfires. It was also a great weekend and opportunity for caregivers to spend much needed time together in fellowship and rejuvenation before heading back to our homes.

Feedback received from those who attended and reasons the weekend was such an incredible experience for many is shared below:

… a fabulous weekend we just had the opportunity to enjoy. This was so well done and so incredibly enjoyable and they did a fabulous job at making it relaxed and engaging. I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for this wonderful opportunity. It was perfectly orchestrated.

To spend time with other families built like us, act like us and totally get us was critical. I would think this would be such a huge encouragement to the foster and Kin families out there

We feel camp is really important function that is put on. We love that our kids make friends with others similar life circumstances. We love having family time together.As parents we find it nice to have more time to talk to other parents and learn from them and their challenges.

Our family had the pure delight to attend camp this year. It was our first time and hopefully not our last. One of my children commented on how wonderful it was to be with other families that truly “got” us. We didn’t need to explain or justify anything. To feel loved and supported, to build wonderful relationships that will honestly last a life time is priceless. Outside our circle of like-minded families the response you get when going through a tough time is to quit…. with families that live like us the response is love and support and a deep understanding.

We love camp, our kids love camp, we would love to keep it a tradition to attend.  We would love for more families to come to camp

We look forward and are already planning for next year. We encourage anyone who did not attend to consider joining us next year.

Curtis Sikora,

Secretary of the CFPA Board of Directors