Eligibility Criteria

The bursary is open to all foster children that are or have been in care with Child and Family Services of Alberta and have, or are going to enroll in a post-secondary education institution which is governed by a:
  1. Board of a university under the University Act
  2. Board of a public college under the Colleges Act
  3. Board of a technical institute under the Technical Institutes Act
The applicant will be required to submit proof that they are registered or have registered and been accepted by one of the institutions noted above, have provided the CFPA with a copy of the receipt for payment, if payment has already been made, for the their schooling and are current with any and all obligations as a student and are in good standing with the educational institution The applicant also must complete the bursary application so that the decision-making body can make an informed decision when they are deciding whether to accept and approve the applications. A completed bursary application will include the following:
  1. Completed either the online application form or the paper application form available on the CFPA website
  2. An attached letter of introduction from the applicant
  3. A letter of acceptance from the university, college or technical institute being attended
  4. At least one of the following:
    1. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s social worker
    2. A letter of recommendation from one of the applicant’s former teachers
    3. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s foster parent(s)
The bursary shall be awarded by a selection committee which shall:
  1. Be appointed annually by the executive of the CFPA
  2. Be composed of current members of the Association
  3. Include at least one member of the executive
  4. Not include a foster parent with a child in care making application for this bursary
When selecting a recipient, the committee shall consider the following:
  1. Financial need due to termination of guardianship at age 18 or present school term
  2. Strong commitment to personal achievement through further education
  3. Relative success in present program
  4. High academic achievement will be of secondary consideration. However, past effort and perseverance will be highly regarded
  5. Completion of high school is not a requirement; study in alternate forms of higher education such as business or trades are welcomed and encouraged
Application deadline for Fall Semester will be June 30 and recipients will be by July 31. Deadline for Winter Semester will be October 31 with recipients chosen by November 31. All applications will be kept confidential as well as the name of the recipient if requested The expectation is that failure to pursue further education upon completion of the year of study should result in the bursary being refunded by the recipient.

Dorothy McFadden Bursary Application

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1. Personal Information

2. Personal Information

3. Bursary Information

4. Financial Information

Expected Expenses

5. Statement of Need

6. Statement of Intent

7. Attachements

In this section please upload your Letter of Introduction, Letter of Acceptance from the educational institute and Letter of Recommendation from either your social worker, former teacher or foster parent(s). File types accepted are pdf, doc, docx.